Thursday, November 17, 2011

Joke of the month

Aelig knows the notion of ownership now. She would say which thing belongs to who in the family. Sometimes she helps me sort through the laundry and she will say:
C'est à Papa, c'est à Maman, c'est à Aelig (it's papa's, it's mom's, it's Aelig's).

One day while sorting out clothes, she was happily announcing which cloth belongs to who until she saw a bra. She looked at it for a second, and without hesitation announced that: C'est à Mamig! (It's Mamig's). And I heard hubby burst out laughing.

Well, Mamig is hubby's grandma.

Is she judging me? That my bra is so old fashion that it must belong to a grandma?
I have no idea.

PS: Just a joke to boost up my spirit. Aelig has been sicked, ear infection, coughing, teething all come at the same time. Result: fever, vomit, bad appetite, lost weight (she is only 9.4kg at 22 months), crying, bad temper.

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  1. oh dear... hopefully Aelig has recovered now ...