Thursday, March 08, 2012

International Women's Day: What did they talk about in Grand & Petit Journal

The Grand and Petit Journal are two news programs from Canal Plus that hubby would watch every evening. It caught my attention a while back as news are informed in a unique way: host and guest hosts making fun / insulting of people (usually politicians or celebrities).

Just to give you an idea, this was what they presented on International Women's day. Two women politicians were invited, one is the spoke person from President Sarkozy's camp and the other from Hollande's camp. Since the presidential election is about 1.5 months away, they thought they would discuss about women's right. But the guest host has her own agenda. She was curious if Sarkozy prefers Coca Light and if Hollande watches his weight. I think Sarkozy's spoke person was bright to tell the host that she has a brain so they could surely talk about the current ongoing campaign instead of Sarkozy's weight.

Canal Plus also has a special way to report about the weather forecast. They chose a blond who would make a joke before asking to display the weather chart. Since today is international women's day, she leashed a man and talked nastily to him.

Leashing a man, I'm not sure if this is the goal for 3.8 Women's day.

From these two TV news, I concluded that it is not easy to be the President of France. You will be insulted / humiliated / making fun of, almost everyday. It is International Women's Day, of course they will not let go of Sarkozy, who has been portraited as a President submissive to German's President Merkel. Today's insult is considered light if compared to...

being fed by Merkel as a baby, and...

being a dog to Merkel.

French news have a lot of freedom. I don't know if they use the freedom wisely, but insulting politicians daily have been a way of life here, whether you like it or not.

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  1. Hi Bee,

    I couldn't agree more as president of the country represent each and every one of the nation.. repecting their president is also respecting their own country.