Thursday, March 01, 2012

Internet shopping: What is my right if I did not receive the good?

Updated on 3rd March 2012

I have been very unlucky with the internet shopping lately. Three purchases I made online went wrong.

1. Book 3 A Storm of Swords, George Martin
Like I shared earlier the vendor from Amazon sent me a different book from what I ordered. When contested, they told me that Amazon has listed the book with a wrong ISBN number. Basically, it was not their fault, if I want the money back, I need to send the book back to UK at my own fee. I think to send a book to UK will already cost me half the price so it is really not worth it. I wrote to Amazon, no reply after a month.

03/03/12: After reading the message from Jeremie and Ker Leed, I decided to call Amazon. Indeed, as mentioned by them and by YongLing, they have a good customer service. I entered my house phone number on their website and they called me instantly. The staff was nice and helpful. They proposed me a 5€ rebate coupon, which I later used to place another order for this book. Hope it will arrive before our ski vacation.

2. Book 4 A Feast For Crows, George Martin
I ordered it at the same time with book 3 with a different vendor on Amazon. It never arrived. I contacted the vendor and they said they were going to send me another one. It has not arrived, yet.

03/03/12: I have received the book! I wanted to use the rebate coupon from Amazon to order Book 3 from this same vendor, but the coupon was only valid for order with Amazon.

3. Two pairs of stocking for Aelig on
I bought the bed, mattress and stocking from the same site but they used a different delivery services. We received the bed and mattress, but not the stockings. I sent an email to Vertbaudet and they said they were going to investigate with La Poste. Today I received a letter from them with a mail from La Poste saying that they have delivered the package to me end of January. The problem: I never received it.

03/03/12: Vertbaudet called me and explained that I could send back the letter claiming that I never received the order and hope to ask for a refund. So we will see.

Now, what is my right as a customer? For case 1, should I take the time and the pain to call Amazon so that they will pay for the postal fee? I feel tired just by thinking of it. I think I will just go to a bookstore and pay again. As for case 3, I had sent an email to Vertbaudet saying that I will not buy from them again. I don't know who's fault is it but I'm an unhappy customer so I could do whatever I want.



  1. Last time I had to send back a book to Amazon (orderd book was in german instead of english but that was not said on the product page), they made me print a return label with prepaid send fee, so I did not have to pay right away.
    They precised that if after investigation they felt that my claim was not grounded (and in my case it was litigious since they did send the item I ordered only it ws poorly described on the site) then they would charge me the return fee.
    After all, they refunded me the book and did not claim the spending fee so all has been right.

  2. I think you should insist with amazon, they have very good customer service. I bought a printer and it arrived broken. When I asked for a exchange, they send a new one even before I have sent back the old printer. However, I'm not sure what kind of guarantee you'll get if you buy from the market place. I think you should leave nasty remarks if they ask for a feedback and insist with amazon. Normally, they do ask for a feedback. Then, I'm sure that they'll treat your response a lot faster. As for your verbaudet, tell them to send you the proof that you have received the stocking, else, you'll contact the organization ''que choir'' to help you, it is a consumer protection group. In this case, I'm sure that they'll take your response more seriously. Or go to la poste if you have the shipment tracking number to complain.

  3. Sorry, I mean '''que choisir''

  4. I really love your blog, and I've tagged you in the '11 questions' thing on my page (which seems rubbish but was actually quite fun) :) x

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    Pour l'autre sujet , je ne peux dire que vous n'avez vraiment pas de chance.
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  7. Hello, I have erased my first comment because I was ashamed with my spelling errors. ok so here's what I wanted to say: I often read your blog and enjoying it very much. As for the Internet purchases, I rarely have problems with them. Except one time, when I ordered a phone for our business, we have received something more expensive.

    Also, for a couple of months now, I do my grocery online, it is really a time saver and they even help you charge the heavy stuff in the car. But I have to be vigilant on the food because they make a lot of mistakes.