Friday, April 20, 2012

Algarve: The citrus county

When we were riding the bus from the Faro Airport to Algarve (the region we were visiting), we were intrigued by its orange orchards. Later we found that some of them were actually lemons and mandarin oranges. When we had our road trips, I was hoping to visit an orchard, but we couldn't find any signs that would allow a visit. My thirst to pluck an orange fresh from the tree increased everyday. It seems that every house with a garden has a lemon/orange/mandarin orange tree. We saw this in downtown Monchique. We didn't dare to pluck them though.

And the flowers smelt so good! I didn't know orange tree is such fragrant plant. We finally found some orange trees in a small villages which we thought belong to nobody. Most of them were eatable and plenty dropped on the floor. Aelig collected 10 of them but she was unable to take all of them, she was so furious. We decided to pluck one from each tree, so we got 4 of them.

Just like in Malaysia, the Portuguese sell their oranges along the roadside. Some have a stall in front of their house. The cheapest I saw was 2€ for 5kg. I saw this sign in the market but I'm not sure if it means 39 cents per kilo.

Don't know what this is but I saw them in the French supermarket sometimes.


  1. ce sont des nèfles venant d'Espagne et du Maroc qui sont de couleur orange quand ils sont mûrs , on ne mange pas la peau.

  2. I think it's call 'Phi Pha" in Mandarin. it's sweet and sour in taste and I saw it in Bangkok chatuchat market a few eyars back :)

  3. Thanks NL and Nyonya, I will need to try it one day.

  4. In the US I think they call these Japanese plums or Loquat.