Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Holiday is about...

We survived the 12 hours trip and arrived safely in Algarve, South of Portugal. I need to learn from those French mothers who kept their kids occupied with lots of books, card games. The older kids were with video games though.

The hotel was new, started operating in 2011. We saw this magnificent pool, all to ourself as there was not much tourist yet. Unfortunately, at 19°, nobody dared to swim in it. They have an area for kids, Aelig would have enjoyed it. No choice, if we want to use the interior heated pool, we need to pay 5€ and kids are allowed to use the pool only between 6pm to 7pm.

We had a briefing from the travel agency on Sunday morning. Their excursion trips were expensive. We decided to rent a car and travel around. The first stop was the beach facing the Atlantic Oceans.

Father and daughter jumped inside the water despite the not so hot weather. I lack the courage, I admitted.

With hubby, we walked and walked and walked. We climbed the mountain, we walked along the beach. We visited the End of the World in Portugal. There must be a lot of places they called themselves the End of the World. We know one already in Brittany. It refers to the end of the Europe facing the Atlantic Oceans.

To make up of all the disappointments we had on this trip, the travel agency brought along 5 people to entertain the kids. Programs are held throughout the day and in the evening to please the kids. Aelig was so excited when the music was playing. She was dancing with a bunch of kids without wanting to stop.

And, she went on the stage to show those kids how to dance.

When Aelig is happy, we are happy.
We are enjoying the trip!

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