Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer activities

The weather is getting nicer these days (over 20°c). Most of the French start their summer activities: BBQ, go to the beach / park / zoo /, bicycling...

Went to BBQ in a friend's place, I envy his big and kid friendly garden.

Brought the little angel to the playground and I was surprised of all the stunts she was able to perform.

A classic activity: going to the beach. She loved it but kept referring the sea as the swimming pool.

We found her a playmate, now the parents can chit-chat while keeping a close eye on them.

There is an ongoing debate in the family on whether Aelig looks like Asian or European.
Me : she looks 100% Asian with her almond eyes and my nose.
Hubby : She looks like me, she has fair skin and brown hair.
Hubby's grandma : She doesn't look that Asian

We talked about this with a couple who also has an Eurasian son.
Father (French): She looks like European. If I didn't know you as her mother, I would have thought that she was French.
Mother (Chinese) : The first time I saw her I thought she was an Asian kid. Now it depends, sometimes she looks Asian sometimes European.

As for me, it doesn't really matter as long as Aelig can be well accepted in the society. I hope she won't come home crying one day from school because she looks different.

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  1. In the pictures at least she looks really asian in the shape of her eyes, nose and forehead.

    In the family of my wife whose father is a blue-eyed french I have found that asian genes are really strong, most (french) people can't tell that any of the 4 kids are part european.

    Even my girls that are only 1/4th vietnamese remains with strong asian features though they begin to be hard to tell at first sight (here or here).
    Well we should be thankful because it makes beautiful kids :)

    As for acceptance, I don't think you need to fear. Asian people are quite common even in remote country villages like ours and I don't see the kids being picked on because of that. Sure if anyone has a fight with her they might call her names, but her origins wouldn't be the source of it.
    Actually there is so much different looking children in schools these days that kids are not even curious anymore about where it comes from.