Monday, May 28, 2012

Euro : will it stop falling?

We have booked our trip to Malaysia and in around two months we will be flying off.
I was thinking to transfer some Euro to Malaysian Ringgit until I saw how Euro has depreciated against RM and dollar. Oh that hurts!

The Euro has shrunk from RM5 to RM4 within 4 months time span in late 2009. A sharp fall due to Greece financial crisis. See how a country is capable to pull down the purchasing power of citizenship in the Euro zone against other foreign currencies. The market didn't react well as well after the socialist president was elected. Gosh now 1€ worth not even RM4! I have told hubby to control his shopping spree in Malaysia.

I have never known Euro so cheap against Dollar. 1€ could always change to E1.30 and above but now this was history. It is no longer a good timing to visit USA.

On the other hand, the prices for imported French products might falling. It is time to taste some French cheeses. Or buy LV bag, in Malaysia! :-)

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