Sunday, June 24, 2012

2.5 years old

Summer is officially here and the day starts with sunrise around 5:30 am and sunset occurs around 10:30 pm. This has somehow influenced Aelig's sleeping habit: she lingers pass 11pm and refuses to go to bed earlier. And when she is awake, she wants to do things with me. When I turn on my computer, she would insist that I play her some YouTube songs or movies. Conclusion: no time to blog!!!

This photo shows her falling asleep on the floor after refusing n times to go to bed.

I have been showing her some 10 minutes short movies such as "The Little Red Cap", "The Ugly Duckling", "The Little Match Girl", "The Monkey and Crabs", "The Wolf and Goats", "Three Little Pigs". Since then she started to form some phrases in Mandarin like "The wolf wants to eat the little red cap", "The wolf wants to eat the goats, the goats are scared", or "The wolf wants to eat Aelig" with her sad face. In French she sometimes threw us words that surprised us: "C'est pas grave" (no big deal), t'inquiètes pas (don't worry)...and she is very eager to go to school.

In early Jun we brought her to her school's open day. She quickly dressed and put on her school bag.

She got attracted to the toys available there.

The little library in the classroom.

The dashboard area.

Sleeping area.

A little kitchen for kids.

She is going to have so much fun at school.

Some snapshots of the daily life:

She wants to help me wash dishes.

The little helper with her red chair.

My dear friend sent her a bag from Australia. She is finally at age to use it. When I showed it to her, she loved it immediately and has been bringing it around since.

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  1. Hi! Just stumbled here & wanted to tell you that you have a gorgeous little girl!!!