Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kids activities

Last Friday, several childcare centers in our area had jointly organized an event with several kids activities. I was very impressed and amazed by the efforts and Aelig had spent a great afternoon with other kids.

There were about 10 staffs setting up several stands. Some stands offered classic activities like drawing, painting, art works but some were quite creative. Among them I liked this stand the most: jungle trekking in forest.

Aelig got to jump, climb, jungle trek, run, something she enjoyed very much.

This stand was called "Who are they?". The staff showed a portion of a carton poster and the kids had to guess who were the characters.

Aelig knew nothing about them but she observed how other kids answered and screamed.

This was the first time she tried oil painting. She was intrigued and once the paint was gone, she asked to put more on her hands.

The staff then put her name on top of her hand painting.

A little movie theater showing "Tchoupi" slide show, presented by the staff.

A cinema in a trailer showing short movies.

This was the first time Aelig watched a short film in a cinema. She was very concentrated and asked to watch it again.

The kids had a break on 4pm snack time. They were pampered with ice cream, cake and some candies. Aelig managed to eat the whole ice cream without dirtying her cloth, very impressive.

I have always found this childcare center well located with nice environment. It was located inside a park so three sides were surrounded by trees and one by a parking lot.

When the weather is nice, the kids get to play outside in a safe environment.

With indoor and outdoor activities Aelig could never get bored here.

This is one of the moments that I feel the government has well spent my hard earned money. :-)

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