Thursday, July 05, 2012

Prague: Gastronomy tours

Gastronomy tours is one of the most important activities for us when traveling. My housemate back during my stay in Austin was from Czech Republic and he had cooked me scrumptious Czech foods. We managed to meet up during the trip after 10 long years and he had brought us to several restaurants during our short stay.

We arrived on a Saturday afternoon and only had one hour for lunch before meeting up with our tour guide. Hubby chose a restaurant in his travel guide and up we went to this restaurant situated close to Wenceslas Square. First encounter with Czech food in Prague: they love meat and surely know how to cook them. My serving was juicy and tender, the side dish tasted similar to the Chinese bun at home, it went well with the tasty sauce.

For dinner we wanted to dine in a restaurant recommended in the guide book but it was fully booked. It was quite late by then so we just settled in this one. The kitchen was already closed so we ordered some appetizers. It seemed that stripe soup was quite famous here and the waiter suggested us to give it a try. I did and was happy with that choice. Not only it tasted good but it reminded me of my hometown. It was not unusual to find tripe in Chinese cuisine and we especially loved it in soup. What an odd chance to find similarity between Chinese and Czech cuisine!

There were quite some restaurants offering "pork knee" on their menu. It looked yummy but the portion was too much in my opinion. I ordered one on our last day here and could only finished half of it.

Restaurants here offered variety of soups. This one looked special: soup in bread.

I wanted to take a break from meat so I tried out their soup. The verdict: worth a try.

Fried turkey with potatoes.

My friends took us to two restaurants but I forgot to take photos. Too excited and busy catching with him and his lovely girlfriend. He told us that since Czech food was quite meaty, Italian restaurants were well accepted here as they could usually get a more balance meal that included vegetables.

Absinthe. This strong alcohol is banned in France. We found it in Prague and I got a sip of it and couldn't stand the taste. Too strong and too bitter I can't even smell the herbs in it.

Czech is a very difficult language to me. It is hard to pronounce and I couldn't remember even one word after this trip. Well, not exactly. There was one word that I recalled but just because each time I heard it my ears irked. "Děkuji" means "Thank you" in Czech but it sounds like "de couille" in French which means "testicle". Now you can understand why I did not say thank you to anyone there. Anyway, try to pronounce this word in French and see if you can guess what it means.

Our tour guide told us that beers in Prague cost as much as a bottle of water. Indeed. Pivo prosím (a beer please)!


  1. I love the soup in the bread dish. I had something similar in Macau a few years ago, and it was sooo good.

    It's nice to catch up with friend.

  2. May i know what is a stripe soup? What do we call it in msia?

  3. Hi jellyfish,

    I don't know the name in English, it is the pig's stomach.

    In Chinese: