Wednesday, August 08, 2012

He tried his best

So Datuk Lee lost the game and Malaysia got a silver for badminton men singles, which was really not that bad.

I didn't watch the direct games so when I got home I went straight to check the result. Then I watched the replay, and from his performance I had doubt that he could lose. He played so well!!! Actually, both of them demonstrated nearly perfect skills so to gain one point they had to force the opponent to make an error. It was simply impossible to tell who would win until the very last moment.

It was so cruel to see their extremely opposite emotions when the games ended. The dishearted and gloomy Lee vs excited and triumph Lin. All these just because Lin had a better luck that day.

Luckily, there is always hope.
Let's hope for a gold in Rio 2016.


  1. A Malaysian diver from Sarawak - Pandelela has just won a bronze medal for Malaysia.

  2. Yes I saw it on Facebook. What a surprised!