Saturday, August 18, 2012

We have arrived

Despite several hurdles before departing, we are finally home.
Well, the photobooks I made for my family didn't arrive on time. Their website said they would be delivered under 7 business days but it didn't happen. One production line broke down was what they told me when I called. Then, I was eyeing for one Groupon hotel deal for our trip to Thailand, but the hotel didn't want to confirm their availability before I buy it.

Anyway, the whole trip was quite smooth, both train and plane departed and arrived as scheduled.

A little problem when passing through the French immigration. Aelig was tired and she wanted to follow me to the "Non EU" line. She yelled and yelled "maman" seeing me going through another line. Well, this time the "Non EU" was a lot faster.

I passed the immigration and still heard Aelig calling for me. Once she saw me on the other side she calmed down.

Thanks to the onboard entertainment, we had a better flight this time. Aelig was watching "Ice Age 2" over and over again. I also prepared several DVDs and played it on my laptop. I pampered myself to three different Asian movies.


We were traveling light this time. No wine nor cider, just bought the Eiffel Tower Brandy in the tax free shop. It was so much better, packing bottles was simply painful. My mother ordered several packs of local biscuits. And lastly, a suitcase dedicated to 13 Long Champ bags. Well, that would be a story for another post if I have a chance.

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  1. Hi Baww Ean,

    Selamat Hari Raya and Happy holiday in Malaysia. 13 Long Champ?!! you are certainly helping to improve the french economic :) Have Fun and have a few Teh Tarik for me :)