Saturday, November 24, 2012

2 years 11 months

Since early October, she has achieved an important milestone in her life : fully potty trained (day and night).

It was a painful process for both parents and her. Me and hubby had completely different method in this matter.

We introduced the potty to her since she turned two. She didn't buy the idea at first and didn't want to sit on it. Little by little she managed to pee in it, but just for fun. At one point, hubby went tough, she was forced to sit on the potty for more than one hour. It didn't work and she got completely blocked. So, we put the training on hold. It got resumed in summer, during the day she went diaperless. I bought potty training story book both in French and in Mandarin, so she got the idea, but still didn't want to cooperate.

Before going to Malaysia she did well when she was with my in laws, was very proud when she managed to pee in the toilet just like an adult. She didn't like the potty after all. But then she was blocked once again when she was in Malaysia.

Back to France in September, we got no choice. She needed to be potty trained at school. We stopped the diaper.

First week at school, she wet her pants everyday, and when grandma picked her up from school she pooed on the way home. She was very upset when she did it, she kept saying that her daddy was not happy. We proposed her to go to the toilet every two hours. When she successfully did it she would be so excited.

That weekend, she had a tough training. My coworker said I shouldn't ask if she wanted to go to the toilet, I should just bring her there. It worked, she did it when I forced her to the toilet. Then, during a long walk she pooed in her pants. At the end of the walk she was very tired and begged me to take her in her arms, but hubby was very firmed, he told her that since she pooed in her pants she would had to walk back herself.

Second week at school, situation improved. She only had one accident at school and two accidents in bed. But she dirtied her pants twice on the way home from school. It was a painful week for me as I had to force her to go to the toilet at school before going home but she still pooed in her pants on the way home.

Third week at school, no more accident at school and in bed, managed to pee and poo at school toilet before going home.

Since then, we don't have to propose her to go to the toilet. She would ask when she need to.

When discussed about this, hubby said that his tough method worked, she improved since that walk during the first weekend. I disagreed with him, I think that the school trained her. The fact that everyone has to go to the toilet every two hours kind of teach her to do like the others. Sometimes she doesn't want me to help remove her pants, she would say "toute de seule" (by herself), that she would want to do it by herself just like in the school.

Anyway, I'm glad that this is behind us now. One of my coworkers was not that lucky. His three year-old son was completely blocked. Due to this he only goes to the kindergarten half day, and wear diaper in the afternoon in her sitter's place. They went to doctor, pediatrician, psychologist, all couldn't tell what was the real problem.

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