Sunday, November 11, 2012

Watch your language

The school holiday is over. We were fetching Aelig home from my in laws' place.
While driving, hubby accidentally spelled out a profane word.

Hubby: Connard! (Motherfucker in French).
Before he has time to show his regret, we heard Aelig repeating it.
Aelig: Connard!
We looked at each other and tried to think of a way to undo the damage.
Then, I heard Aelig mumbled something in Mandarin which involved the word "狐狸" (Fox in Mandarin).
I realized that she has mistaken the word with "Renard", fox in French.
I told hubby about this and he quickly agreed with Aelig that he was talking about fox.
Aelig: Oh look, there is fox outside, it is papa's fox. Oh, there is another one, this one is maman's fox.
Me: Oh you saw fox?
Aelig: Yes, many of them.
I just smiled to her without wanting to correct her. There was certainly no fox along the way, I don't know what she saw and what she was trying to say.

Oh that was close. 好险!

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  1. wash his mounth with soap. it's him who teach her first swear word to my daugther (while been biten by saint jacque shell).