Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Camping in Noirmoutier

The winter seems to last forever that I have forgotten how nice to be outdoor on a sunny day in Spring. Last weekend, the weather forecast showed a promising Sunday. We decided to head South joining my in laws in Noirmoitier. We left under a gloomy sky, arrived under a shower, dined in the tiny caravan. I considered ourself lucky as it didn't rain during the night. Woke up to the windy but blue blue sky.
Aelig discovering camping and sleeping inside a tent.

She was excited to ride on a bike as well.

It was a very pleasant experience. Riding while enjoying the sceneries, the villages, the people, the houses and the coast. I have to consider myself a newbie in bicycle as I just discovered that I need to change gear on a bike. Never done that as the bicycles I rode on had only one speed.

Noirmoutier is famous for its production on salt. We passed by hectare and hectare of salt evaporation ponds. We also got some scrumptious oysters.

Ok, they have hectares of potatoes too. I don't know why their potatoes are so famous. I paid 8€ a kilo one day just for the sake of trying, but didn't find them better compared to the ordinary one. Overall a good place for a weekend outing / camping.


  1. Hi Bee Ean,

    So nice to see France's blue sky and green grass. Miss those bike days too.
    Cycling here in KL is close to impossible with the pollution from cars and the traffic. It is just not a place designed for bicycles.
    Other day saw a family of 5 on the road with their 3 young children each on their own bike, I was seriously worried for them.

    About the potatoes, you have buy the first/spring potatoes, just rub them in some seasalt to clean the skin a bit and bake with a chicken/pintate or lamb throw in some herbs..heavennnn

  2. Now that the weather is nicer, I should look forward to exploring Brittany/Pay de la Loire but instead we're off travelling a bit of everywhere. Would love to go to Noirmoutier. I like their potato which is a little earthy, a little salty.

    I need to rethink my travel strategy a little, but it'll be for next year since this summer it's already jammed packed!