Saturday, June 08, 2013

So what about mother's day?

One Friday evening while picking up Aelig, we came home with a container with three paper flowers and a piece of paper printed with a poem. Well, obviously the school made some art work with the kids for the mother's day. She was repeating some phases with gestures, I realized later that it was the poem:

Devine ce que j'ai caché
(Guess what I'm hiding?)
Un bisou pour la joue
(A kiss for the cheek)
Un baiser pour ton nez
(A kiss for your nose)
Plein de fleurs
(Plenty of flowers)
Pour ton coeur!
(For your heart!)

It was sweet to see her repeating it over and over again for me. As for the paper flowers, she presented them to me, but claimed that it remained hers!

Question: Do you keep these art works at home? At 3 years old she is accumulating tons, I wonder how many I need to collect over her schooling years.

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  1. Hi BeeEan,
    I would suggest to take a picture of those you think you want to throw away but keep those you think it's special for both you and her.
    In France they usually make very cool gifts which make it hard to throw away :)