Thursday, September 05, 2013

French tolerance : The traveling people II

About 6 months ago I blogged about The Traveling People. Guess what, they are still here!

I got back from our summer vacation and I saw more camping cars parked on a piece of land in front an office building. We pass by it almost everyday while walking to lunch. I think the land was too packed, some of them decided to settle down in smaller lands close to our office. Now we can see kids running topless, women doing laundry (they got washing machine) and dishes, people eating...some kids even climbed to our floor and observed us from outside.

It seems that our office area was not the only one attracted them. They also spotted a big piece of field close to offices and restaurants. One group settled down on a land right in front of a housing area. I don't know how the residents take it.

I was amazed how they manage to find water and electricity supply in empty land. This group invaded the area, some parked their camping cars next to pedestrian walk. To avoid them we had to walk on roads. One afternoon we were dining in a restaurant just beside the land, we saw the owner asking the driver of a camping car to leave same space between the restaurant and the camping car. The driver said he was only staying for two days, but the owner insisted that he moved further from the restaurant. Well, he just ignored her.

Kids from the group playing on the pedestrian walk. It is back to school time but it doesn't seem that they go to school.

Frankly, they looked just like someone who are on vacation.
It just that, their vacation lasts longer than majority of the population.
And, it seems that they are staying.
And, finally some reaction from our property management : we were informed that due to the present of traveling people in the area, the access to buildings are now secured with a digicode (instead of pressing a button).


  1. When i went back to France for holiday last month, i saw one of these 'traveling ppl" playing with her smart phone while begging next to a supermarket. wonder why she would need to use a smart phone??

    I have read also on the net saying that some of the ladies would beg with a baby in their arms (seen it many time) and the baby is ussually "asleep" which turn out they are being drug. So from then on..i give only food or cloths but never money..

  2. I can't believe they camped around your office area. In the North of France, where I live they camp on the parking of an old prison, or abandoned warehouses. This situation is getting out of hand. On the news, they yelled at mayors and demanded free water and electricity. Their illegal camping costs a lot to municipalities. I understand why French people are so annoyed.