Sunday, September 29, 2013

Going to work with the little girl

It seems that Family Day has become an annual event in my company. They organized it again this year, on a Wednesday afternoon when kids are off school. When I told her about it, she immediately shouted : "Yes, I want to go to work with mummy!"

On the way to my office, to my surprise, she yelled "I have been here!". I'm not sure if she really remembered that she had been here last year, but hubby was convinced. We went to every offices and said "bonjour" to most of my coworkers. She was shy at the beginning but was greeting everyone later.

And then it came the highlight for kids : the snack time! She asked for drinks and cookies, and had no shame to ask for candies later.

We then went to my new office and met up with coworkers who did not work on Wednesday (so that they can take care of their kids at home), but decided to come in to show their kids around. Coincidently one kid was born on the same date as her but a year younger, who was as tall as the little girl. Ok everyone agreed that she is short compare to average kids in France, she has certainly got my gene on this.

We then lingered around my desk while I was checking emails. She ran around looking at people, everyone was kind to her. When I suggested that we should leave for home, she protested :"but I like here!". And then she asked:" Will your boss pay me since I'm working here?". Lol.

Here is the little girl who sat in the parking lot refusing to go home. I guess she had fun.


  1. Anonymous3:23 AM

    Good luck getting paid... she was probably considered "a stagiaire"! :-D She is very cute. I don't know if Canadians do the "take your kid to work" day come to think of it.

  2. Yup, Canadians do the "take your kid to work day", at least, they did when I was a teenager. The difference with France, though, is that for Canadians it is like a right of passage, since it is only done once, in 9th grade.

    I remember going in to work with my friend and her dad (because you could go with anybody - it didn't have to be your parent) and we spent the entire day laughing and talking. We probably spent a total of one hour with her dad (I mean, it was pretty clear that we were not going to become tile layers one day!) and then a few days later every student had to present their "placement" to the class.

  3. Aelig is so cute with her remark .. I guess you will have to pay for her 'hard' work !!

  4. Aelig is sweet. She has grown to be little swan.

  5. Your daughter is looks so grown up now. What a smart kid, she has already figured out where money come from.

  6. At such a young age she knows that you get paid for going to work so since she went with you to work, she expected to be paid - so clever. She really looked very happy in the photo above. So nice to have bring your children to work day. I don't think there is such a day in M'sia yet.