Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Honey, please finish your plate!

When I eat rice, I make sure I finish every grain of rice in my plate. If I don't do it, this phrase will keep flashing in my brain "谁知盘中餐,粒粒皆辛苦". It literally means that every grain of rice represents the hard work of a farmer.

So when hubby finishes eating and I see in his plate that there are some grain of rice left (just like what is shown on the photo above), I will ask him to clean up. Once he protested, saying that I do not clean up my plate when I left sauces in it. And he actually thinks that eating all those grain of rice is harder than cleaning up the sauce! Well, funny because I feel the complete contrary.

For him, the plate on the photo above is an unfinished plate. To be fair, I left much more sauce on my plate compared to this photo, especially tomate sauce when we have pasta or spagehetti. 

In France, I have seen many people mopping up their plate with a piece of bread. I do it when I really love the sauce, but not systhematically, and I don't think tomato sauce goes well with bread. Sometimes I feel full already and there will still be salad, cheese and dessert coming, so I figure I better leave some space in my stomach than filling it with bread and sauce. 

So, do you clean your plate of rice or sauce? Or maybe both?


  1. Anonymous4:45 AM

    I finish my plate too. I usually know how much I can eat/how hungry I am and I portion accordingly. I rarely eat saucy stuff in Canada, but I do get the last grain of rice!

  2. I am controlling my weight right now so I take very little rice so I do not get to leave any on my plate and I also take very little sauce as sauce contains sugar usually so I usually just request for no sauce in my meals so no sauce to leave on the plate also, hehehe. When I eat pasta, I just eat them with virgin olive oil and I will make sure I lick all the olive oil clean from the plate.

  3. Both. There's never grain of rice on my plate, and I also sauced up if eating dishes that are not rice. F is like me too. Goodness knows, sometimes it seem neither of us need to do the dishes ;)