Thursday, April 16, 2015

Applying for Malaysian Citizenship in Embassy of Malaysia in Paris

Update Sept 2017 : My eldest got her Malaysian citizenship and Mykid. She applied in Putrajaya. As for my second, the Embassy sent me all the documents they had sent to Putrajaya, and I was hoping to get a status in JPN when I picked up the citizenship certificate for my eldest. Unfortunately, the JPN staffs didn't recognize the application number, apparently it has a sequence number from France but not like those applied in Putrajaya. Finger crossed for the second application made in Embassy of France.

I had applied for Malaysian citizenship for my eldest in Putrajaya Malaysia in August 2012. Until today I have no official reply on whether the application is approved.

This doesn't stop me from going through the whole process again, this time for my youngest. I chose to apply with the Embassy of Malaysia in Paris, as I heard that the success rate is a lot higher compared to applying in Malaysia. To do so I have to apply before she turns one year old, and both baby and parents present to the Embassy are required. I planned a trip to Paris for my whole family during the spring school holidays. My eldest wanted to tag along and she was so excited that she told everyone that she was going to see Eiffel Tower.

The consular section opens from 9:30 am to 12:30 am, Monday to Friday. Through email, I booked an appointment and the Embassy sent me a list of documents to bring along:

For the applicant (my youngest daughter):
Birth certificate (original & a translated copy into English or Malay)
3 passport size photos
Fees of 5€

For the parents (original & one photocopy):
ID card
Birth certificate
Malaysia marriage certificate
Carte de séjour

Forms to fill in the Embassy
Completed Application of Citizenship Form (Form B)
Form A.15(2) - Statutory Declaration (Parents Authorisation)
Form A-WN - Photograph and Thumb-print

I gathered all the documents in advance but somehow I forgot about the photos. I kept telling myself that we needed to bring the baby to a photographer, but it didn't happen and boom we were already in Paris. We were rushing all the times, to check in, to go to Eiffel Tower, to meet up with friends, so we only tried with one of those photo machines in the metro the night before our appointment. And it was so hard to take photos with a baby! The machine only allowed three tries, twice her eyes were closed, and the third one she turned her face.

We didn't have time to go for a professional photographer so I brought along the photos hoping that it would be accepted. Well, it got rejected, and it was totally my fault. The Embassy officer was nice enough to let us go for other photos, so hubby went with the baby hunting for a photographer. I filled in all the forms, hubby came back with the photos, we signed and thumbed all the papers. The translated birth certificate from the Town Hall was rejected, so I sent the Embassy the one I translated the second day. The officer told me that she would send the application to Malaysia, and I could follow up with her after that.

Overall, the process was straight forward, the officer was courteous, and we got a chance to visit Paris and met up with some friends. Fingers crossed that we will hear for the application status soon.


  1. Anonymous3:39 AM

    The photomaton pic is cute, with your daughter peeking under the curtain ;-)

    But three years and you still haven't heard back?? That's crazy! Worst than the administration française!

  2. Yes, fingers crossed that you will hear from them soon.

  3. Hello Bee Ean, your blog is very interesting and informative. I am living in Paris with my French husband and I gave birth to a baby girl in May this year. I will apply for her the Malaysian citizenship as well. Have you gotten yours approved yet? ;)

    1. Hello, no I haven't heard anything from the Embassy. JPN takes longer time to reply now as there are more and more people applying.

  4. Hi Bee Ean, have you got news for Awena's malaysian citizenship certificate ? I applied for my daughter last year Sept but haven't have news yet.