Tuesday, March 07, 2017

No cheese in the cake

I was trying to learn to make more desserts so that when there are guests coming, I won't be limited to those that I make regularly.

Through Whatsapp, I learnt that there was a type of Taiwanese cake that was quite popular at the moment. Since I got most of the ingredients I decided to give it a try.

After I had put the cake in the oven, I realized I made a mistake. The dough was mixed with grated Parmesan cheese, and it had a layer of cheddar cheese. What makes the cake unique was its sweet and sour taste, but it is a taste not too common in France, especially for a dessert.

It turned out ok. I kind of like it but I was the only one. :-(. Some kids from the neighborhood came to play and it was the 4pm snack time, so I offered them to take a slide of this cake. One had a bite and announced that she didn't like it. The other one took several bite and decided to give up. Luckily my girls finished their part.

The second morning I suggested this as breakfast to my daughter (in Malaysia we do eat cake as breakfast), but she refused and mentioned that she didn't like my "cheesecake". As for hubby, he reluctantly tried one, and told me that the fact to see a layer of cheddar cheese in the cake turned him off.

So this was just an effort that didn't bear fruit. No cheese in the cake then. That's probably why American style cheesecakes are not popular here.


  1. Anonymous12:51 AM

    Oh, I'm sorry to hear that your efforts weren't appreciated. French are kind of weird when it comes to new tastes, new flavours. I realized this with my family, who is open to new experience but can't enjoy sweet&sour stuff, or even spicy foods. It's strange to me but hey, I guess it's an acquired taste.

    I love cheese cake, pao de queijo and I'm sure I would have loved your cake.

    1. Hi Zhu, do you know of French desserts that add cheese into it?

  2. For cheesecake, it's best to get cream cheese rather than cheddar etc. Otherwise there are recipes using creme fraiche or fromage frais, otherwise mascarpone too. Their consistency and taste works well.