Sunday, March 05, 2017

The weekend of DIY

Hubby continues on his DIY projects. This weekend, the focus was on lamps.

The goal was to add three lamps to the kitchen area. To do this, he has to dig a hole on where he wanted to hung the lamp, then link an electrical cable from the hole to the central hole where it used to have a lamp thus the electricity supply. It took him quite some times to do this, as the cable had to passe through above the ceiling, to go through between the ceiling and the roof, then come down to the electrical supply hole.

 The result. The central hole was closed after so that we won't see the electrical cables hanging there.

He also installed a design lamp in his daughter's room with color matching the wall color.

Lamp installed in the other girl's room. She was not happy at the beginning when she saw it. She said her daddy should had asked her opinion on the color, she would have wanted a red one. I explained to her that it was to match her wall color, she was thrilled after. However, the brightness was not suitable for reading, since she has myopia, I urged hubby to change the bulb.

Finally we can hung a towel and toilet paper in the toilet. I was so amazed, the design these days included a flat surface above the toilet paper so that you could put your smartphone on it while doing your business. 

Anyway, hubby has become a handy man, he is so into DIY now.

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  1. Anonymous4:38 AM

    Nice! You're lucky to have a bricoleur at home. That helps! Small improvements like this make home more comfortable :-)