Monday, May 26, 2008

The big jump

Please meet this ambitious French man, Michel Fournier. At 62, he is attempting to jump from 40km above the earth surface in the skies above Saskatchewan, Canada. He was supposed to jump today but due to the windy weather, he would do it tomorrow.

At 40km, the temperature is around minus 100 centigrade, and since the air is so thin, he must inhale pure oxygen for hours beforehand, in order to get rid of the nitrogen in his blood.

Once the balloon has taken his capsule up to the jump height, his intrepid sexagenarian must leap head first out of the receptacle and free-fall for seven minutes. When he hits 1,000 meters, he pulls the chute if he still can, and enjoy a leisurely descent of eight minutes. Before ripcord time, he will be breaking the sound barrier at speeds up to 932 mph, and enduring temperatures as low as minus 115C.

I hope he is going to make it this time.

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