Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wife not virgin: court granted cancellation of wedding

This happened in France. Seriously.

To top it off, it was a court decision based on the French civil code (Code Civil des Français) that allows cancellation on an union if there is an error of "quality". In this case, the fact that the woman is no longer a virgin is considered as "error of quality".

An engineer, got married to his wife (both Muslim) and discovered that she is not virgin on the night of the wedding (8 July 2006). He came out around 4am from his room, saying that "She is not virgin, I'm canceling everything". Since that day he started all the paperwork to cancel the wedding. This April, the court granted his request, agreed that he has been cheated by his wife.

This news created some debate and one of the arguments is that the woman is dishonest so it is not wrong to divorce her. She shouldn't have said that she is virgin knowing that this element is very important to her husband.

I wonder, if I told hubby that I'm a good cook and in fact I'm not, can he file a divorce according to this civil code that he is not getting a quality wife? :-)


  1. Anonymous1:45 AM

    holly molly! whatever happened to love? Its all about contract nowadays

  2. Anonymous6:48 PM

    it's a matter of one's preferences.
    if he wants virginity, then he should get it.what happened to love? maybe there was no love there. he just wanted to get married with a virgin wife.or, he loved her, but 'virginity equality' is important.he felt cheated and should divorce. felt cheated is common.whatever reason it is considered as cheating eg, the 3rd person or money or even a bad cook.but here, he chosed virginity.and virginity has some "equality rights" in islam.

    the same with ur example of bad in cooking but cheated ur husband by saying you're good.if yoru husband sees a good cook as important, and u dont met his requirements, he might as well divorce u. but who wants to divorce based on this immature reason?

    virginity is important in islam. it's a matter of religion,not immature reason.learn to respect one's religion and act as an adult.

    thank you