Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I got paid!

Yes! I got my first pay check today. Well my second if you count the one week muguet job.

Due to some technical issue, I only got paid now even though I started the internship at the end of March.

Just want to share with you the pay slip which has around 20 lines of items. Look at all those deduction from the salary.

We went to Barcelona to pre-celebrate this moment. :-) We started spending one month before seeing this extra income. Seriously, I don't know how I manage to live on hubby for so long. I strongly believe that a woman should have her own income at any moment. I hope I will always have some income from now on.


  1. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Congratulation BE !!
    It must be nice for you to get your pay check :).
    I too will be starting work on July, 3days a week. I am still a 'yellow skin po' for 4 days of the week, he he. I told hubby his pay check is for the family expense, mine is for myself and for investment, ha ha ha ha.
    Is the internship turning into permanent position for you ?
    How is the holiday ?
    We just came back from our summer vacation. I will post some pictures and videos soon.

  2. Congratulations, Bee Ean! I agree that every woman should have her own income even if it comes from her husband's paychecks like mine at the moment. LOL!

    Was Barcelona hot while you were there? We are going to Greece in August and Janice warned me that it will be very hot and dry. :(

  3. Hi Jamy,
    You are so lucky to get to go holiday for so long. You can still enjoy your vacation until July then. Hubby already aiming the extra income for a plasma TV. :-)
    My internship ends in Sept then only I will know whether they propose me something.

    Hi Rita,
    Thanks. It was sunny but not too warm when we were in Barcelona. Perfect weather for me. I have never been to Greece but I heard that it is hot there during summer. Well it won't be hotter than Malaysia I suppose? :-)

  4. Congrats Bee Ean, you should have that pay slip framed! The nem looks mouthwatering, did you cook it from fresh ? Its hasn't stopped raining here in the UK, can't believe the weather, its so cold..for end May.

  5. Thanks svllee. Yes hubby prepared the nems from scratch. Oh middle this week we have sunny weather, it was too hot to put a pullover on. :-)

  6. Anonymous12:45 AM

    Yes, it is a suppler and demand issue, our line of work is very high demand now and that is the reason why we are a very privilege group.

    A lot of my classmates decide to take 6 mths off and start at Dec. My hubby said it is unheard of in his time, employer waiting 6 mths for a new grad to start work.

    Hosp. are doing all kind of gimmick to get us to work for them. Before we even step into the hospital, a lot of them are giving us $10k-$12k walk in bonus and some Fed agencies even provide full time pay for 24hrs/eek and full reimbursement on Master degree program as long as we sign up a contract with them to work for a year.

    Some of the things I heard I thought was too good to be true but they are true. Our stage waive all our tuition loans, so all of us who has tuition loans will not be carrying any loan once we work. And when we were in our last semester, the school arranged hospitals from all over the state to do recruitment. It was hilarious to see how desperate they were to get us to work for them. Guarantee interviews until we get the unit we want.

    I was running out of bullet ($) as I originally schedule to start work at Sept but call them up that I want to start early. After my 1 year contract, I decide to work 10months a year. Hubby ask what I going to do with the 2 months, I say going Malaysia for a month and tidur , relax for a month, since my school only goes to school 10 mths, he goes to a private school where I home school him 2 days so that kind of schedule suit me just fine.

    It has been a very tough 3 years for me, very intensive studies but it all pay off. I will be working on neuro intensive unit, I enjoy the intensive unit which my hubby think I am really weird to like that kind of work. The pay is good and I can channel that to do other business which I like.

    I hope you get the job after internship. I know how important it is to you to get a job and I fully understand it.