Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Exam result

I finally got my exam results. The University screw up as they sent it to my old address. I don't know how this could happen considering that I received all other correspondences (ie letter of acceptance) on my current address.

Anyway, I was not super happy nor upset about the result. My first impression was that cool I didn't flunk it. Before I entered this course I thought I would fail all the subjects required to be written in French. I was just a bit disappointed that I didn't get pass the 16 point mark to get the "mention très bien" which I could have gotten if I manage to send out one of the assignments on time.

Well, basically, I got 6/20 for a subject and I was 100% at fault. We need to submit an assignment for this course before the internship presentation, and I totally forgot about it. The thing is, this professor gave us the assignment 6 months before the deadline, so of course I waited until the last minute. Once the presentation was over, I got too overwhelmed by the joy of finishing school and for me "homework" was a total history.

Of course, the joy was cut off when I got a reminder email saying that I still haven't submitted the assignment. Worst, emails sent to the mailing list always appear one day later in my inbox. So, when I saw it, I had 8 hours to do it and I was still at work. Eventually, I rambled up something and had to beg hubby to proof read it = face the hubby who got fed up with reading my bad French writing. Still, I managed to submit it before the deadline according to that email, but I think the professor punished me with the poor note.

Well, such is life, you don't get by easily every time.


  1. Congratulations! I'm happy that you now have closure on that subject in spite of your disappointment with your grade! Have a celebration of all your hard work and your accomplishment.

  2. it's things like these that spice up our lives isnt it? :)

    anyway, congrats!