Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shit happens - one bottle down

We woke up this morning to discover this:

One of the wine bottle broke! 4 days after the making.

Since we had to rush to work I only clean up the floor tonight. All the alcohol were leaked out. We suspect that the fermentation was too strong so the bottle couldn't take it. I don't know how to clean the bamboo floor, it doesn't smell at this point.

Talking about hard work goes into drain. Pray hard this won't happen to my second bottle.


  1. Bummer... but great title!

    Hope the other bottles hold up. Y'all have enough on your plate at this moment in time, I do believe!

  2. I think the pressure from the gas released due to the fermentation process is too high. Perhaps the container shall be allowed to have a little opening on the lid to ease the pressure?

  3. Happy mooncake festival