Sunday, October 04, 2009

Hubby's gadgets

Within 2 months, hubby got himself three gadgets.

First, the LCD TV that he has been drooling for a while, after doing many researches and reading reviews on the internet.

Then, he got himself a witfit set.

It goes well with the TV, since then he has been training almost everyday, and managed to lose about 5kg (plus eating healthier food). I like Wiifit too, it has a variety of exercises, I love doing Step and some yoga exercises.

Then, his cellphone contract almost ended and he has been itching for a Googlephone. Now, he calls me and my Facebook profile photo shows up.

The phone has internet connection plus many applications like Facebook, googlechat and also GSP, now we can go anywhere and just use the googlemap for directions. He has also created a Facebook account (he resisted it for a while) and posted photos from the car.

I love this Googlephone, probably get myself one in the future.


  1. il faudrait peut être qu'il range un peu les câbles ^^

  2. Yep... my hubby got himself LCD, playstation n games because he is a gadget geek. He has to change his phone but he hasn't decided what he wants to get yet. Men are truly little boys at heart.

  3. Ah ! Such an un-babyproof living room ! This will have to change really soon.