Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2 months old

Aelig turns 2 months old today. Last several weeks, when she was in good mood,

she started to smile especially when she wakes up;

played with her tongue;

entertained herself with toy.

She also went to her grandparents house, first long distance trip in her life.

To help improve her sleeping habit, we introduced her the pacifier. It is still a misery how this pacifier ended up on her head.

In terms of sleeping, it is still hard to get her to sleep especially during the day. She seems to lack the skill to soothe herself to sleep. We had tried swaddling, pacifier, anti-reflux medicine, gripe water, but things seemed to work just for a while and then she was still fussy getting to sleep even though she was yawning continuously. Basically, we need to rock her on the arms then put her to sleep on her bed but she would wake up after 15 minutes. She still wakes up several times during the night for nursing.

In terms of breastfeeding, at one point she refused to suck on one breast, crying out loud after first suck, or sometimes she rejected both sides. In this kind of situation I always had to change several positions in order to get her to nurse.

The next few weeks would be another milestone and big challenging moments for 3 of us. My aunt will go back to Malaysia, I will go back to work, and Aelig will go to babysitter. Next week I will go to Paris with my aunt and she will be alone with hubby. At this point, I'm not sure whether I would continue breastfeeding after going back to work. I haven't think of a place at work that I could express milk comfortably and if I do find the place, I don't know how to transport them since I'm working far away from home. Well, wish us luck!


  1. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Hi bee,

    U could buy a breast milk pump and fill up milk bottle with the amount your daughter consume. Of course, if you wish to breastfeeding her until she is one or turn to milk powder.
    Personally, I prefer to use milk powder (Similac) because I don't need to store the milk in the fridge and warm it up. Instead with milk powder, who is cheaper (less expensive), I just add water (boiling water who is cooled) , shake and the milk is ready in seconds. In case use decide to use the milk powder. I suggest you to prepare a few bottle with milk powder and 1 big bottle of water (boil it first then let it cool. So when BB weak up, just add the powder and Voilà!

    Good luck


  2. Aelig is such a beautiful baby!

  3. If your office has a fridge, you can express it out and then bring it home with you in bottle in a small cooler. I was breastfeeding V when I went back for my last year of university (she was 3 months old then). When I went back to school, I only breast feed her twice a day - once in the morning before I go to school and the other in the evening. U can also express it at home and freeze it. Victoire was feed half breast milk and half formula until 6 months old bcos I don't produce enough milk for her.

  4. The pacifier ended up on her head bcos she pulled it with her hand by accident and raised it over her head and release it. At this age, they don't have much coordination yet. They are just figuring out that what is this thing that moves in their face and smack their face or something below is moving - sometimes bcos of this they frighten themselves with movements. LOL!