Tuesday, February 23, 2010

360 diapers!

Before being a parent I had no idea how much a pack of diaper costs. At this point we are using Huggies size one for Aelig and it costs 17 cents each. On average we spend like 50 euros a month for diapers, which for me is still affordable, until hubby told me that the price of a diaper cost twice when we go for the later size. Holly shit, one size 2 diaper costs 37 cents and size 3 costs 47 cents. This freak me out a bit, considering that a kid will use diaper until he is 2 or 3 years old. I started looking for cheaper solution and that was when I saw an announce on a forum: Huggies diapers at 50% off at http://www.allobebe.fr.

I ordered from this site and the shipping is free if you buy over 59 euros. I bought size 2 and size 3 and on average each diaper costs 18 cents. I saved at least 50% for 360 diapers, but I have not tried it out yet so not sure if the quality is as good as the one we bought from the local supermarket.

Having a baby is not cheap that's all I'm saying. :-)


  1. Anonymous10:28 AM

    While the larger sizes cost more, older babies or toddlers don't use as many as newborns. Newborns could use up to 10 nappies a day but when they get older they only use about 4 - 5 a day.

    Not sure if you have Aldis over there but their nappies are just as good as Huggies but much cheaper.

  2. I used to buy only 'known' brands, like Pampers and Huggies and almost always wait for promotions (eg buy one get one free etc) and stock up as much as I can. Then, they increased the price. I now use Carrefour Discount pampers which always maintain their price at 14.99 euros per box (quantity varies depending on size of course). I find them just as good.