Friday, March 12, 2010

Moulin Rouge show

While planning for our Paris trip I thought about Moulin Rouge musical show. My friend went to see it once and she highly recommended it. I know there is no chance hubby will bring me there as it is more a tourist stuff, so it was a good occasion to see it with my aunt.

We were worried about the right attire as my aunt didn't have nice dress and high heels with her. Turned out it was not strict at all, while making reservation at Moulin Rouge the salesperson took a look at how we dress and assured us that we could enter without problem. At the end, we entered the show with normal black pants, T-shirt with sweater. I wore a pair of boots but my aunt had a pair of black flat shoes.

We couldn't book the 9pm show so we went for the 11pm. When we arrived at 10.30pm, there were already a long queue. We were told to hand over our camera and coats, which costed us 4 euros to be put in the locker. Everyone was paying the same price, 80 euros per person, if you pay 102 euros it will come with a bottle of champagne for 2 persons. There is no guarantee that the earlier you arrive you are going to get the nearest seats. When we entered the performance hall, some people were sitting on the two sides and people entered after us were slowing filling the middle rows facing the stage.

The cabaret was spectacular. Very Moulin Rouge style with lots of dancers and shinning costumes. Most of the female dancers were topless. The majority of the songs were sang in French, I was glad that I could understand most of them. The highlight of the show for me was the can-can dance, topless dancers were waving their leg with the famous can-can music. The show lasted for about 1 hour 45 minutes.

My aunt was fascinated by the show and she highly appreciated the performance. Well, the goal was to thank her for all her helps during her stay in France. I'm glad she had a memorable last night in France.

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