Sunday, March 28, 2010

New laptop?

My laptop died on me last week. I was trying to grab the 100 photos for 8 euros promotion by uploading all the photos online and then suddenly the screen went blank. A message popped up saying that Window couldn't restart due to failure in one of the hardwares.

Hubby said the hard drive broke so we bought a new one. Unfortunately it didn't work after replacing the hard drive, and the light was off eventhough it was plugged.

Should I wave fairwell to this 5 years old IBM Thinpad or should I repair it? I'm struggle to come out with a decision. This was my first laptop I bought from US. We ordered it online and it arrived on a fine day while I was sleeping. Hubby installed everything and when I woke up, I got a laptop really to function. It was a wonderful laptop, never had much problem, I had been traveling with it to Malaysia many times.

Hubby suggested me to buy a new one and he started researching online. For me, I prefer to repair this old laptop and pay the minimum. I do not need a super advance laptop, just something to store photos, surf the net and probably use the webcam function from time to time. I do not even watch DVD nor listen to music with it.

It is yet another hard decision to take. I do not even know where to get this repaired.


  1. the repair cost going to cost you a lot, and at the ends it much better to buy a brand new laptop. Unless you can repair it on your own, or get any of you colleague who works in IT dept to check.

  2. My laptop also died on me a few weeks ago. Hub think it's the video card and cannot be replaced without replacing the whole thing.

    The repair will costs u as much as a new one.