Sunday, April 25, 2010

4 months old

Aelig turned 4 months during the weekend so we bought her a cake. It looked indeed mouthwatering, see how she was so eager to eat it!

This time I managed to order a black forest cake from our neighborehood bakery. It was too creamy plus they didn't use fresh cherries. I was kind of disappointed with the taste plus it was quite expensive = 14.5 euros. We let Aelig tasted the cream but she had hard time swallowing it.

The spring weather is so adorable and motivating. We brought Aelig shopping as hubby needed a new suit. When we were in the shopping center, I heard people screaming "oh a baby" as I didn't put her inside a stroller. We were wandering around with her on my arm, a pratice not so common in France.

We also brought her to the park and let her enjoy the sun. She seemed to like it a lot!


  1. Aelig is sooo cute and pretty! I am totally in love with her smiles~ =D


  2. She's so gorgeous !! Congratulations :-)