Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Birthday cake

I bought Aelig a cake when she turned 3 months old. When browsing through the cake section in the bakery, I found that I don't have much choice. I selected this as I love strawberry and I think they have raspberry inside.

On the way home, I suddenly realize one of the differences between bakery in Malaysia and bakery in France : I hardly see any cartoon cake for birthday celebration. In Malaysia, bakery usually has a catalog for clients to choose any kind of cartoon or theme to put as decoration on the cake. Most of the time my family will select some cartoon deco for my nieces and nephews.

I asked around and in fact this is not common in France. Hubby said in France they value the taste more than the deco. Ok, I just want to clarify that having a deco on a cake doesn't mean it tastes shitty. In fact some of them taste wonderful, but they are quite expensive, especially if it involves complicated cartoon drawing.

Cakes in France are quite different from what we usually find in Malaysia. One of my favorites is Black Forrest, I bought this whenever I was in charge to buy for friends birthday celebration. I have never seen this available in any bakery here but hubby said it is quite common in France. Well, in this case, I would like to order one when Aelig turns 4 months old. I haven't eaten this cake for like 10 years.


  1. Hi, I have been reading your whole blog history in the last few weeks and I really enjoyed it.

    Me and my wife are former classmates of Fabien from Laval, maybe you remember us, we met at Simon's 30th birthday. My wife Vanessa is eurasian (half vietnamese) and we had two daughters (well that's three of them now).

    This is great to know that you are growing accustomed to France despite our bad habits of complaining, swearing and constantly being so state-dependant ;)

    I hope that Fabien and Aelig are recovering well and that you can find some time to rest yourself, I know how parenthood can be tiresome.

    Best wishes, I guess I will continue following your blog from now on.

  2. Hi Jeremy,

    Yes I remember you and Vanessa. In fact when I see your username, I suspected already that you are one of Fabien's x-classmates.

    Thanks for visiting and leaving comments on my blog. I hope I didn't critisize France too much. :-)

    You mentioned about Tisane d'allaitement in one of your comments. May I know where can I get this? Since I'm back to work I do not produce enough milk for Aelig so I hope I can get something to stimulate the inflow.

    Thanks again and have a nice day.

    Bee Ean

  3. This tisane can be found in most pharmacies and bio grocery stores.
    You can also find it online on bio-oriented sites like this one : http://www.graine-de-bonne-sante.com/s/5183_38159__tisane-allaitement-herbier-de-france

    I can't guaranty 100% efficiency, but the taste is pleasant and it didn't do any harm for Raphaelle's feeding. Actually Vanessa was able to breastfeed her until her 9th month and she had to stop not because of milk shortage but because she had to take some strong painkillers for a broken rib.

    In my experience it is very hard to maintain lactation once the baby has started to take the biberon : the baby becomes "lazy" since he hasn't got to suck as hard to get his milk and the production wears out.
    Anyway I wish you success on maintaining the production but don't put yourself under too much pressure either : babies taking industrial milk grow up just as well :) (although it's awfully expensive).

    Have a nice day too.