Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daycare or baby sitter?

We got a call from the Town Hall saying that the daycare center close to our apartment has a spot for Aelig in September. It comes to us as a surprise as we applied one year ago and didn't think that they would have an opening for us.

It is a tough decision to make. The advantages for the daycare are that they are very close to our place, literally just down the street where we live, and financially it is a lot cheaper compared to having a babysitter. Besides, Aelig gets to play with a bunch of kids which would help develop her social skill since her young day. By the time she turns 3 she will be well prepared to go to pre-school.

On the other hand, we have a babysitter who helped us through the tough time, who is flexible with her schedule and most importantly, she loves Aelig dearly even though Aelig could be quite difficult compare to another kid she is having.

Well, we need to reply them the latest tomorrow so a decision has to be made tonight.

Hubby and me both lean towards keeping the sitter as we think the most important factor to consider is that she takes good care of Aelig.


  1. With your schedule, I would keep the babysitter. In case of sickness daycare refuse to keep the baby.
    Before having E I wanted daycare (bad souvenir from my childhood) but we didn't have the choice, after having a babysitter i'm glad to have one for my two children.

  2. My advice is definitely : "Keep the babysitter ". I have already experienced this, years ago and the babysitter is way more comfortable for parents who work than the daycare center .