Thursday, June 24, 2010

She is six months old

Another milestone in her life!

From six months on we could start feeding her solid foods. In the health book (carnet santé, every kid will have one in France) it states that apart from milk she could try out some mashed vegetables and fruits, daily products (yogurts, cheese) and meat. However, since one of the parents is allergy, our doctor advised us to only give her egg, celery, nuts and fish after she turns one year old.

We bought this cake for her but of course eventually it ended up in our stomach. It was super delicious! Anyhow hubby cooked some mashed carrot for her and she also took in some hem. So far so good.

I still breastfeed her in the morning and during the evening as she refuses to drink in bottle before going to sleep. It seems that she understands at home she could have breast milk and at the sitter she could only have bottle milk. Anyway, from time to time when I run out of milk or during the weekend we still feed her in bottle and she drinks very little compared to when she was in the sitter's place. In the past when she wanted to stop drinking she would play with the nipple but one day she decided to shut her mouth, firmly. It cracked us but at the same time it was annoying because she always decides to stop when there are only 10 to 20ml left. Is it possible to teach a baby that she needs to / has to finish her milk / food?

We also discover many ways to make her laugh. She loves to be held high and fly to the sky. When we do this she would burst into a chain of laughing.

I finally managed to clear up her crib, it was taken by whole bunch of clothes and toys. We let her play in there but she still sleeps in her bassinet beside our bed. At this point, I still hesitate to put her in another room, as it is more practical for breastfeeding (she still wakes up during the night for milk) and it is so sweet to be able to see her the first thing in the morning. We will probably send her to her room once she starts sleep through the night.

I will certainly miss this scene whenever we move her crib to her room. One day she will be in her bed and we will be in ours, no more co-bedding during a nap.

I'm certainly not in rush to move her out. She grows up so fast I would really like to treasure the moment with her as much as I can.

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  1. R never finished is bottled milk.
    And early wanted to eat solid food.
    since Xmas he eat yoghurt as breakfast instead of milk