Sunday, June 27, 2010

When you want to yell and say arggghhh

Arghhhhh, such bad luck!

Last Friday I received a letter from the company health insurance partner saying that they are downgrading our health coverage due to the skyrocketing cost over the years. I didn't know how it affects us until I see the coverage for laser eye surgery: they now only pay for 1000 euros a year per eye! Argghhh, they used to cover 100% of the surgery for both eyes in the same year, I know of two persons already from the company grabbing this good deal.

I have been wanted to go for this surgery even since I know that the company supplementary insurance will take care of all the costs. I got hold up because my BIL who happens to be an optician told me that there are some side effects so I better look into them first before going for the surgery. Then I got pregnant and during the pregnancy and 4 months after delivery one could not go for it since the vision changes during this period. Now that I'm ready for it, I got this letter and the downgrade will take effect starting the 1 of July. The cunning company! They only allows us one week to react so it is certainly too late for me.

Someone recommended me la Clinique Sourdille in Nantes for this surgery so I went to their website to see how much it costs to perform this surgery. I simply chose a doctor and in his website it states that it could cost anything from 1000 euros to 1480 euros per eye depending on the technology using. Sigh, it means that I still need to chip up from my own pocket and could only go for one eye per year.

It is the moment I want to yell and say arggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


  1. Bee Ean,

    Why you want to do laser eye surgery ? You looks good with glasses.

  2. Will they pay if you get it done in Malaysia? Some insurance companies do it. My husband's dental was even covered fully.

  3. Eng Sim,

    It is not convenient to wear glasses. Sometimes I'm dismotivated to go to the beach or swimming pool bcos need to put in contact lenses. And with my small eyes it takes long time to put those lenses in. lol

    I'm not sure if this could work but I would prefer to do it in France so I could have all the follow up done here.

  4. Sorry to hear that. Go only to recommended doc from those who have done their eyes. I have yet to do mine but now I have old age eyes too so don't know if it's worth it to do it.