Sunday, July 18, 2010

The bicycle challenge

During one of my BIL's birthday, hubby offered his brother a book: The Nantes Brest Canal. Since then they had been talking about doing this Canal on bicycle, something that I couldn't foresee myself doing. Last week, they finally put in action, concurring the 420km journey from Lesneven to Nantes within 4 days.

The guys, their bicycles and luggages along the road beside the Canal.

The bicycle is having a break.

They camped on the roadside. I don't think I ever dare doing this in Malaysia, the changes to get robed is too high!

Passing by the splendid countryside.

Canal boating is quite popular along this Canal.

There are many locks to help boats passing through the uneven water level

Another lock, some people decorated it with flowers.

Bicycling, bicycling, bicycling... for 4 days!!

Love the tranquil scenery.

They made it, I'm very proud of them!

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  1. U must at least try canal boating with your hub one of these days. It's great. I did it once with my friends in UK but not in FR sadly. My hub is easily seasick. :(