Saturday, July 24, 2010

The milestones towards 7th month

We celebrated Aelig's 7th month today.

As usual, we bought her a cake, as soon as we put it in front of her she tried to grab it with her hand.

She crossed through many developmental milestones this month, most obviously her first two teeth are popping out! We didn't notice too much problems during the teething process, but the sitter said she bites constantly so we rubbed some gel on her gum to ease her pain.

One of her favorite movements now is bouncing up and down. She is so active that we adult have to take turn holding her while she bounces, we all ended up with sore arms. Another movement she achieved: flipping over back and forward! Well, my mother said in Malaysia babies usually able to do this at 3 months, so Aelig is considered late in doing this. Sometimes she cries in her crib bcos she flipped over and forgot how to turn back.

We finally bought her a stroller, she looks comfortable in it.

Last several week it was very hot so we only put the diaper on her. We also let her play on the grass, she learnt to sit down by holding the grass on both side. Bad idea though to let her played on grass without clothes, she developed a rash later on but it disappeared after two days.

I still cannot believe, her grandparents let her slept in their rooms for 3 nights! Well, my in laws had never let any of their children slept in their room, I thank them for making the effort and accepting Aelig in their room. They got waken up during the nights and couldn't went back to sleep, poor them.

She called me mama several times! Later on she called papa as well (hubby is still bitter about that haha). A very important milestone for us parents, is that we are moving her to her own room today. Hope she enjoys her first night alone. Bravo Aelig for all the achievements so far! Now, let's scoop on this scrumptious looking cake shall we?


  1. Congrats Aelig !
    It's really an age where they change constantly. You can't turn your back without them reaching some new achievment !

  2. I realized that western children started sleep alone in early age. Compare in Asia, usually children won't separate room with parent maybe until 6 years old or some I heard was about 10 years old. I started to let Adrian and Andrew not sleeping with us here too. I tried to make the room comfortable and child friendly. They are now get used to it and very happy to sleep their own room.

  3. Eng Sim,

    Most of the time people here put their baby in the baby room since day 1. For some French it is unthinkable that my daughter is in our room for 7 months, their eyes turned big when they know that in Malaysia kids sleep with parents until 10 years old.