Saturday, July 10, 2010

Introduction to solid food

In Malaysia when kids start eating solid food, they usually have rice soup cooks with some potatoes, carrots or tomatoes. One year ago I had no idea what babies eat in France, now I start to have some ideas. The most common baby food are those come in jar in the form of puree, which you could find in supermarket with different favor: vegetables or fruits for young babies.

Aelig's baby sitter showed me the brand the other baby was eating, and I was going to start feeding Aelig with it. However, hubby has his own plan, he chose to prepare Aelig's food himself, it makes sense as it is more healthy and economical.

The day she turned 6 months hubby fed her some mashed carrots and ham, she took them all without problem.

When we finished the first batch of mashed carrots, hubby proceeded to introduce her mixed vegetables: zucchini, potato and carrot, thoroughly cleaned and peeled.

The vegetables were boiled and then grinded using a traditional food mill. This food mill is from hubby's grandma, so I think it is pretty old.

It yielded quite some purees for her, this could last for at least one month.

We borrowed some small jars from my MIL. We give her one jar per day.

All jars are sealed with plastic bags and stored in the freezer compartment in the fridge.

The result of the solid food introduction is imminent: her stool changes from liquid texture to paste texture. These days when I feed her, sometimes her face turns red and I see her pushing, then she would start crying. As soon as I remove the stool from her she would be a happy baby again.

I think we should prepare her some fruit purees: bananas, apples, strawberries, or maybe some durian? lol


  1. I remember both my nieces at this age cry constantly and push until they face turn red. They always had this problem when they eat solid food, so my mom will boil some barley (薏米)drink and give them 2 times a weeks (a whole baby bottle each time). So give a try, it work perfectly!

    P.S There are 2 type of barley (Cook vs raw). Buy the cook one.


  2. Thanks for the tips. When my aunt was here we bought a pack of barley from the Chinese grocery store. It was made in Thailand and we didn't like the taste. Hopefully we can find the same kind we have in Malaysia next time.

  3. you're doing great as a new mommy! i love reading your posts as it reminded me of my treasured moments as a first time mother here in the US 3.5 years ago. soon, like me - everything comes naturally. enjoy this foray into baby's many new milestones. Aelig is such a cutie.

    Miss J of Inconditus

  4. Anonymous6:43 AM

    She is lovely! You can try sweet potatoes, very common food for babies in the US and Maelys' all time favorite!!

  5. BE,
    Prune Juice for constipation.
    She is so cute :)

  6. U guys are so rajin.
    I feed my son with all Gaber processed food :)Quick and easy :) I am lazy :)

  7. If she is constipated, stop feeding her carrot or rice or banana. Give her water or diluted apple, orange or prune juice.