Thursday, March 24, 2011

15th month

Note: This post was started on 24 March and I only completed it on 3 Apr. Lazy :-)

A very naughty girl! She hid daddy's remote control and he was looking for it like crazy. We didn't realize she could actually put something in a drawer and closed the drawer later.

Eating habits:

A picky eater. She is no longer the baby who accepted everything. Feeding her was painful and she masters the art of pushing / throwing food on the floor. It happened many times, I purposely cooked her porridge with pork/chicken/fish/vegetables, she would eat one bite and refused the rest.

A friend feeding her with hand. She accepted it, ate the rice and chicken. My friend was a bit scared as some kids bite her when being fed this way.

Expressions and comprehension

Her way of protesting.

She knows how to show her anger.

During our Malaysia trip, we discovered that she actually understands us. When asked where was her doudou (her favorite toy), she looked around and came back with it. Now she nods her head or shakes her head when I ask if she wants something.

These days she came to us crying when she poops. Her babysitter said she is constipated so we should stop feeding her rice. I don't know, maybe she is ready for potty training.


She was walking a lot in Malaysia so we decided to do the same here. Hubby walks her to the sitter sometimes. Of course it takes longer time as she is curious about everything. See how she peeks into people's garden.

We let her train on climbing up and down the stairs. At the beginning she was excited and decided to climb up to our floor at level 4 alone. Now she is lazy, when we ask her to climb up alone, she protests and wants us to take her in our arms.

Hubby went for regional vote and we discovered a nice place for her to play with her cart. She has mastered the skills of advancing, reversing, adjusting, controlling...very proud of her.

A future geek?

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