Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring: the incredible mother nature

I always choose to go home for Chinese New Year. Beside having valuable times with family and friends, I get to escape one part of winter in France. The best part is, we I get back, spring is around the corner. Have I mentioned that Spring is my favorite season?

The flowers just painted some colour to winter background.

A full hill of flowers.

Too beautiful.

It makes me have the urge to lay down on the ground with them.

Half winter half spring.

She was so excited to go out on a sunny day. I made sure she didn't get close to those flowers though.

Isn't this tree look scary? It looks like it is surronded by broken and cancerous arms. However, it will stunning flowers later in the spring.

Cherry blossom is always the early bird to flourish.

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  1. oh my..Aelig is too cute all wrapped up :)