Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday morning's mission

This morning I told Aelig that we have a mission to accomplish: getting daddy a pain au chocolat (chocolate bread).

She was elated with the idea and was thrilled to go out.

Playing along the way to the bakery.

Got home, when I asked her to present the bread to daddy, she decided that she would keep both the chocolate bread and bottereaux for herself despite daddy's protest.

Didn't know how daddy manage to get the bottereaux, but it seems that he is trying to trade the bottereaux with the chocolate bread.

No, Aelig didn't want to exchange her chocolate bread, daddy took it from her.

Aelig's way of protesting: laying down on the floor and destroying daddy's internet connection. Give me back my chocolate bread!


  1. Very, very cute story.

  2. next time try with 2 pain au chocola ^^
    btw : another good reason to switch to WIFI or CPL ^^

  3. She knows to strike where it hurts !

    Point of culture : in the southern half of France, "pains au chocolat" are known as "chocolatines". Which is such a nice name that I don't see why everyone isn't using it :).