Sunday, May 01, 2011

Easter gift hunt

Last Sunday was Easter holiday so we went to my in laws for family gathering. My MIL had organized a special Easter gift hunt event.

Aelig went on gift hunting.

She found some chocolates, the easiest to spot among the gifts.

It was the first time I participated in Easter gift hunt. It used to be eggs and chocolates when hubby was young, but now we hunt for practical stuffs: personal care products. I couldn't find anything at the beginning, hubby and BIL had spotted my gifts many times and they had to give me hints before I found them.

They came across a box but it was for Aelig.

Aelig's new toy: a box of wood puzzle.

Sharing her new toy with daddy.

Enjoying her fruit of hunting: chocolates.

Overall it was a well organized family event. I didn't know much about Easter traditions nor its origins, it seems that people are celebrating it more as a family event then religion ceremony. However, I do hope that when Aelig is at the age to read and learn, we would sit down and read stories about Easter, I'm actually curious about the origin of Easter eggs and bunnies.


  1. if you associate Easter with bunny it's a pagan tradition to celebrate spring (bunny is associated with fertility).
    if you associate Easter with bells it's a Christian tradition to commemorate the resurrection of Jésus

  2. In supermarkets here they are selling chocolates in bells and bunnies shape, does it mean the tradition is mixed up now Pagan + Christian?