Sunday, July 24, 2011

19 months - blessed

We celebrated Aelig's 19th month with my in laws.

Aelig is blessed with grand-parents who love her dearly. Whenever they see her, their face shine up with smile.

When we are in my in-laws place, Aelig becomes their center of attention. When dining, she is placed between them, not us. We are allowed to sleep in as late as we want as in laws will pick her up at her first cry in the morning.

My father in law is someone who loves crafting. He made this for Aelig. Instead of toys from shops, I foresee Aelig to have special handmade toys throughout her children.

We are very blessed indeed.

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  1. indeed blessed.. How I wish I have such a loving in law, can sleep in late somemore ... and handmade toys from grandfather - precious!!!