Thursday, July 07, 2011

Sources to get Chinese children books from France

There are Chinese bookstores in Paris so I guess people living there should be able to get some children's books there. For people living outside of Paris and do not go there regularly, internet becomes handy in terms of buying / getting Chinese children's books from France.

See what I got? All these are FREE! Thanks to internet, I discovered and then joined a Taiwanese-French forum. Members here are mainly mixed couples who have experiences teaching Mandarin to their children in foreign countries. One member was giving away Mandarin children's books in Paris and through helps from various people, I managed to get some for Aelig.

These books were from Taiwan so there were printed in Traditional Chinese. Aelig is still young to have the level to read them but hopefully one day, she will fall in love with them.

Some of the books here are about animals so she was happy to find cats, mouse and ducks inside.

I also bought some books from Odonato Publishing in Malaysia. Thanks CL for recommending it.

Now I have plenty of books to show / read to Aelig. Hopefully she could appreciate them.


  1. wow... free Chinese books... that's great!! I am sure Aelig would love all those books...

  2. Really awesome post, thanks for sharing!


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    - Zack

  3. Anonymous6:24 AM

    Have you had a look at these Mandarin children's books?
    they are great I think.