Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Family Project: Bed Work in Progress

Several months ago I mentioned that Aelig was climbing out of her crib so we were going to buy her a bed. Jérémie shared some photos of her daughter's bed and I totally fell in love with it.

How do you not like this, it is so unique! I love everything related to Totoro. Thanks Jérémie for sharing this photo.

So, my mind was fixed. I was waiting for the sale period but the price stayed the same before and during the sale. No choice, we finally ordered it. Basically, it is a bed that comes in a certain form that parents could paint with whatever picture they want. The size is extend-able.

This is one of Aelig's favorite books. We have decided that one of the surface will be this cat.

I'm hopeless in terms of drawing and painting. So I assigned the task to hubby, who later shared the task with FIL and MIL. Look at the end result, isn't it cute!

Hubby painting the star. He was so concentrated.

She will fall asleep with the the stars, the moon and the cloud.

We have not decided what we would paint on the side against her head. Maybe a little prince with his sheep? We shall see. No matter what, I think she is a lucky girl to have such a cute bed. Don't you think?


  1. what a lovely family project!! Aelig is a very lucky girl, she can sleep nice and sound with all the love surrounding her ...