Monday, February 06, 2012

Farewell party

The dragon has brought me luck. My application to transfer to my city has been accepted. The three hours road trip to R city every Monday and Tuesday was finally reaching the end. What a relief!

I certainly won't miss the traffic jam in the morning. It is becoming worst year after year.

Driving under a raining day is very stressful. The worst is to pass trucks on the highway as they tend to spread ton of water on the sides and make passing dangerous.

Guess what? Today was the first day I didn't have to drive to R city. And look at the road condition! The snow stayed overnight and made getting out of the parking lot a hassle due to the curve before joining the main road. This morning, two neighbors (women) were trying so hard to get out of the parking lot. Each time they went up to the curve, the car slided back. One stuck in the parking lot for at least 20 minutes. During the time, hubby was scratching off the snow on his car, drove away, then came back to drive my car out of the parking lot. Imagine if I had to drive to R city, alone...

Ok, back to the topic. When someone leaves the company (in my case an internal transfer), he or she will organise a farewell party (unlike in Malaysia and in the USA it is the other way around). Once the farewell party is announced, coworkers will collect a fund to offer the person a little farewell gift during the party. My announcement was made the same day I was having the "pot de départ". My transfer was accepted with the condition that I would join my new team as soon as possible. So, a last minute announcement and I told my coworkers I don't want any gift, their present would be already a valuable souvenir to me.

To my surprise, they offered me this lovely orchids. Many turned up to say goodbye. Some stayed late to chat about cultural differences.

I used this chance to introduce pineapple cookies to my coworkers. They loved it. I also talked about the ang pao (red envelop) tradition during the Chinese New Year. Photo shows the leftover dough I used to make a crab for Aelig.

Overall, I enjoyed the working environment in R city. Coworkers were distance at the beginning, but the more you get to know them, the more you appreciate working with them. I would certainly miss the Monday lunch gathering with friends who have enriched my life, and your friendship is deeply needed, and appreciated.

A new chapter begins...


  1. So happy for you my dear Klang friend. Congratulations, no more driving up and down Nantes and Rennes anymore!

    PS: I will be in Nantes next weekend for a friend's 30th birthday. I will be staying at a friend's place at rue d/l ville en pierre, are you living nearby? If so, it'd be great to finally meet you! Let me know?

  2. Hi,

    Are you talking about this coming weekend 11 Feb? We are out of town. If you come on the WE of 18 Feb, I should be available to meet you. We live in the North West and I think your friend is living in the East.

    Let me know.


    Bee Ean

  3. Hi Bee Ean,

    I enjoy reading your blog and have more to ask you about France. Could I have your email as I can't see it on your blogger profile.

  4. I'll send you an email because we are going to Priziac on Saturday for a friend's 30th. Take care