Sunday, February 19, 2012

Reminiscing Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Aelig was with her grandparents so we were having our child-free week again. Hubby was outstation during the day and after picking him up at the train station in the evening, we went straight to our favorite Thai restaurant. When he sat down, he told me: "You know what I want to do now? Go Alama Dratthouse."

This was not the first time he mentioned about this. Back in Austin, we went a lot to cinema and one of our favorites was Alama Drafthouse. It is a cinema combining restaurant + cinema features. So, while waiting for the movie to start, he would order his burger or pizza and me chicken wings. We would enjoy the movie while sipping a beer or savoring a dessert. I remembered we had a movie marathon: Kill Bill 1 & 2. Yeah, eating while watching all those blood splashing...

Watching movie has long been hubby's hobby. In Austin, on average, he went to movie theater once a week. It helped that we had 3 cinemas nearly and one was within 5 minutes walking distance. If we didn't go on Saturday usually it would only costed $5. I watched the first French movie in my life there: Emélie Paulain. So, when we didn't know what to eat and what to do, we would go to Alamo Drafthouse.

Those were the days...

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