Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas the traditional way

I was just telling everyone that I wouldn't have a Christmas tree at home, just like every year, but then the day after I heard myself telling hubby to go get one. With Aelig in tow I realized I get dragged into following most of the Christmas traditions.

I changed my mind about the Christmas tree because her school held an activity decorating the tree, and they gave an ornament to every kid so that they could attach it to their own one at home. She also helped her sitter settling up hers. So, when we got the tree from a grocery trip, I took out our ornaments set and the Christmas crèche to let her play with it.

The advent calender for me is pure commercial plot targeting children. Hubby bought one and I didn't protest. One or two chocolates per day is ok plus it creates bonding moments for father and daughter. Besides, she is among the few ones that get to have a calender counting towards her birthday.

We went to the Christmas market several times and each time she got to ride in the "manége", the amusement rides. The Town Hall was kind enough to set up a free one the weekend before Christmas, so she got to play unlimited times.

Meeting Santa Claus. She was screaming when she saw him appearing in the living room. We were vacationing in the mountain, the chalet owner had the kindness to accept playing the role. It is our family tradition to have Santa Clause on Christmas eve. So, there was no such thing as preparing some cookies and a glass of milk for the Santa before going to bed and discovering presents in the morning of Christmas.

Having fun discovering all her presents.

Another family tradition: having capon on the Christmas day. My father in laws' signature dish, best eaten with his chestnut dish. Anyway, I was a bit disappointed as this year everyone got to serve white meat (boneless part), which is considered the best part. But for me, white meat has simply no taste, I prefer wings or drumsticks.

From time to time, my in laws organize a week of vacation somewhere else during the Christmas holiday. This year we went to the Mountain. The chalet was located in a hill facing the valley with breath taking views. Aelig got to feed the horses. Sometimes she decided to eat outside, looking at the horses, despite the windy weather.

Walking in the snow suited her well.

I hope all these traditions would become memorable moments during her childhood, something she could reminisce when she grows up.


  1. Since all of you were served the white meat (boneless parts), what happened to the wings and drumsticks? Who is the lucky person to get to eat those parts?

  2. My brother in laws had a second serving and he got one drumstick. We had the leftover on another meal but I got the breast part.

  3. Thanks for the reply. I guess it would not be polite to make a special request for the wings or thighs or drumsticks.